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we welcome you to the library catalog of our archive in the beautiful ambience of the 'Old Town Hall' in Mittenaar-Offenbach, Kirchberg 12. 

You can find the next opening hours at:


The search field works as a "full text search" and since we have, as far as possible, also set the books tables of contents, these will also be searched.

In general data protection-relevant archival documents cannot be viewed [even if not yet marked with a corresponding note].

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer interlibrary loan, but if there is something interesting for you, you can contact us via the e-mail address


to send us a message. 

Shopping cart on pagetop can also be used in a limited way: If you have found a book, you can add it to the cart. When you open it, you can still customize the content. Then an email is generated, which, provided with your name and email address, can be sent to the archive.

Genealogische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lahn-Dill-Kreis

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